Traveling, What Sites Do You Use

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Traveling, What Sites Do You Use

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Traveling, what a wonderful thing to do in life. How often do you travel for either work or enjoyment? Travel has become a strong passion over the years. After finding the itch for travel at a young age I decided it was a must to choose a profession that would allow for me to travel and see the world. After traveling with my family and on my own until I was seventeen I then began my travels with work. I had made a goal for my self to reach all fifty states before I turned thirty.

Over the years using books and maps to start planning my side trips out while I was on the road working became easier and easier as technology grew. Now days we have the vase world-wide web at our finger tips to use, and let me tell you it makes life a lot easier when it comes to researching places to go and visit. Not only does it make it easier for researching places to go and visit it also comes in handy to find flights, lodging, places to eat, things to see, and locate transportation for ones travels.

Traveling, What Sites Do You Use

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One of the other things I like now for traveling due to the world-wide web is being able to read other people’s reviews on topics from places to stay, things to do, and any other services you might need. With so many sites to do your research from which ones do you use? Well these are the ones that I use but I am not limited to using just these ones listed.

Some of the traveling sites I use for my research:

Tripadvisor is one site I use often for many things from looking at flights, destinations to visit, places to stay, and places to eat. This site is a great resource to use and covers much more than that. Although I am not one for making my opinion on things or of people based on other people’s opinions it does come in handy to be able to read reviews on place you might visit. If you do use this site and visit place make sure you go back in and leave a review. This only helps others when it is their time to visit and also allows for the companies that are on these sites to see how they are doing.

Skyscanner is another site I use primarily for flights. I like this site because I can set my departure city and select anywhere united states and look at multiple place and be able to pick the cheapest flight just so I can get out and travel on the drop of a dime. This site is also useful for other things like hotels and car rentals but I have not utilized it for either one of those yet.

Alaska Airlines is the dominate airlines I use over the last five years because of my current location in Alaska. With Alaska air being my primary airlines for my travels over the last five years I had to make sure of utilizing the Club 49 program that they have. It helps with that pesky baggage charges that most other airlines get you with. Club 49 allows for me to check baggage for free and the cost of joining the program is free. Now this program is only offered to Alaskan Residents and you must have an Alaskan address on your account in order to utilize this program.

If you love to travel and have other sites that are your favorites please leave us a comment so that we can check them out. Please subscribe to our page to keep up with our travels and life as it unfolds. I mention one of my goals was to visit all fifty states before I turned thirty earlier and want to let every one know that I did accomplish that goal so you can look forward to other stories like my New York visit and Snoqualmie Pass trip in the future. Keep traveling, explore this wonderful world, have fun and be safe out there.





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