Technology, What Do Use When You Travel

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Technology, What Do Use When You Travel

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Technology and its use is a constant question. Every time you get ready for a trip be it a road trip in a vehicle or a trip via plane it’s always a question what to bring with you for access to the World-Wide Web. Years ago we never had this option, now days it is the first thing most think about before departing on a trip or even before we leave the house.

All though I use several varieties of technology in my every day life I do enjoy days without any of it. Bringing life back to a simple way of living can be accomplished easily when we put down our electronic leashes.

What Technology Do You Choose When Travailing?

When getting ready for a trip or leave your house what is your technology choice to reach out to the world-wide web? As I depart my home on a daily basis I generally only grab my phone and laptop. Those items are usually all I need to get my day started, but when going on any type of trip the choices are much more difficult. The question is do I take the iPAD, tablet, smartphone, laptop, E-reader, or maybe a handheld gaming device with internet access.

Technology, What Do Use When You Travel

iPad For Use On World Travel

I generally end up on only picking two items. The items of my choice due to compact size and weight are the iPAD and smartphone. With those two items I can take care of most everything I need to do on any of my trips. With the use of the iPAD and its Bluetooth keyboard I can type word documents, create spreadsheets, check emails, and use several other programs via the downloadable apps. So what are you choices?

I use to take a camera with me but with the way the iPAD and smartphone cameras have advanced the need for a regular point and shoot camera is no longer needed. Unless I am shooting some detailed photography I am content with just using my mobile devices.

Technology, What Do Use When You Travel

Smartphones Another Great Device.

So please let us know what technology you use and why is it your choice. We would love to hear your thoughts.


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