In The Beginning of Our Adventure

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In The Beginning of Our Adventure

After a few months of taking a sabbatical from work and life I found myself in Phoenix, Arizona.  Not having all of the answers to the questions I had sought on this adventure in life, but knowing it was time for me to go back to Alaska, return to a job that had burned me out, and contemplating if I should still find a different path in life, I got on the computer and made my ticket arrangements to fly home when I was hit with a sudden urge.  It had been twenty years since my graduation, and a strong feeling came over me telling me I needed to attend this reunion.  Now I never had intentions to attend any of the previous class reunions, but this feeling was so powerful I felt obligated to fulfill its needs.

So, I changed my Alaska bound ticket and redirected myself to Idaho for the reunion.   I arrived back in my home town of Sandpoint, Idaho a few days before it started, not knowing what was drawing me here was weighing heavily on my mind.  The only thing I could do is go with the flow and let life take me to the place I needed to be.

I attended the first night of the reunion and found a couple people I have known over the years.  We were seated off to the side of the party, reminiscing of old times, and I all the while was wondering what it was that had drawn me here.  The evening came to an end and I was still uncertain if I would ever find the answer to the over whelming feeling I had been having.

As the second day wore on and the evening events came closer, I found myself hesitant on attending, but the feeling I had been having the last couple of days increased even more as I pondered on not going.  I figured I must follow this feeling so that it may unveil itself to me.

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