Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

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Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

One afternoon sitting at work I decided to jump online and see what I can come up with for a quick weekend getaway / road trip for the two of us. I found some decent one way priced tickets from Anchorage, Alaska to Seattle, Washington on Alaska air. Then came the question what to do from there….

After looking at multiple ideas a road trip from Seattle down to Portland and then a drive out to the coast was in order. To allow for the best use of the weekend time it was decided that flying back out of Portland would be best suited, but a car was now needed. I found a great deal on a convertible through Enterprise Rental Car. So as 3:30 PM Friday afternoon rolled around the one way tickets to Seattle was purchased along with the return tickets from Portland, Oregon.

Our Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

Our Road Trip Rental Car

Making The Surprise Call to Kris For Our Road Trip And getting on the Plane.

Now the thrill of being able to surprise her with the phone call. I called Kris at work and told her we have 2 hours before our flight leaves so we need to leave work and throw a bag together and get to the airport. I picked her up from work and hurried home. We tossed our bags together inside of ten minutes and we rushed out the door to the airport hopping the security lines would not be long. Once at the airport we cruised through security like a breeze and arrived at our departing gate 15 minutes prior to boarding.

We finally arrived in Seattle around 11 PM and ready for our road trip to begin. After picking up our car we hit the road not knowing how far we will get or where we will end up at for the night. As we drove into the early morning hours we found a place to stay in southern Washington close to the Oregon border.

After a short night sleep and waking up the next morning excited to see where the day was going to take us we hit the road. We stopped in Vancouver, Washington for an hour to say hello to friend and have a cup of coffee before we adventured towards the coast.

Working Our Way To The Coast

The Day was overcast and misting rain with occasional down pours which prevent the top of the car from being lowered but the views of the steam rising from the road as we made our way down HWY 30 was breathe taking at times. We arrived in Astoria and had to visit the Goonies house film location which had been closed to all visitors by the new owner as well as travel the bridge to the Washington side and back again just for the heck of it so that we could add this segment to our road trip just before we made our way down the coast line.

Our Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

Goonies House Driveway Area

We began our decent down the Oregon coast with no particular place to stop enjoying the ocean views as we cruised down the HWY. We stopped at a couple look outs to watch the waves crashing onto the shore and feel the light rain drops fall down on us.

Our Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

Waves On The Beach

Our Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

Looking Down The Beach

Our Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

Listening To The Waves

With the daylight slowly slipping away and realizing we will not be able to enjoy the scenery we found ourselves pulling into Tillamook, Oregon so we stopped at the Tillamook cheese factory and picked ourselves up some cheese, But wait what is cheese without a little bit of wine we said… So off we went too fine some local wines to go with our cheese before we find a settling place for the night.

Our Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

As we drove through town we saw a sign for Blue Heron French Cheese Company and Oregon Wine so we stopped and purchased some great wines and some salami. Now by this time it was dark out and starting to rain even more making it harder to see any distance at all in front of us. We looked around and decided to back track a little bit and drive back to a small town called Garibaldi, Oregon where we decided to try out this hotel called Garibaldi House Inn & Suites.

This place was absolutely wonderful, the service I felt was amazing. As we checked into the Hotel we were presented with evening Hors d’oeuvres of pulled pork sliders, apple slices, cheese and crackers. We went to the room to set our stuff down and quickly decided to go sit in the lobby and have some Hors d’oeuvres and wine because of its warm inviting feeling as we entered the Inn.

As we approached a high top glass table in the lobby the owner quickly wiped down the glass and put on some wonderful music so that we could enjoy our evening. For the rest of the evening we sat and watched the fire and enjoyed our Hors d’oeuvres and cheese that we purchased accented with some local vino.

The next morning waking up and getting ready to check out and start our adventures for the day we headed down stairs to what we thought might be just a simple continental breakfast. Wrong; the owner definitively steps up this breakfast options. That morning we had Frittata, breakfast burrito makings, Scrambled eggs with sausage, potatoes, and the options your traditional sauces and salsas plus some Garibaldi house sauce and fresh avocado Salsa. If you don’t like any of these options of course you could have cereal, waffles, yogurt, toast, hard boiled eggs, and fruit. I would highly recommend giving this place a try on your next drive down the Oregon coast line.

Heading To The Hot Springs

Now with our stomach full with fabulous food it was time to see where the road was going to take us. We headed out south with the thought in mind to check out one of my favorite hot springs. We found ourselves working our way over towards Salem and Eugene via HWY 22 along the river. This eventually dropped us out in the Willamette Wine Valley. As we drove through the country side we stopped at the Stangeland vineyard to try out some of the wines made right here in this beautiful valley. After spending a bit of time tasting some wines we settled on a couple of bottles to take with us to enjoy later that evening.

The rest of the day included taking a drive along the McKenzie river and soaking Cougar hot springs for half hour or so and then found our way back into Springfield, Oregon where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a good night’s sleep.

Our Matching Tattoos

Waking up the next morning wondering what to do with our last day of roaming on this adventure we came up with the idea to complete it off by getting tattoos that we have been talking about. Now where to find a good shop….. So with our extensive knowledge of internet researching the both of us have we begun the hunt. The outcome was as shop in Portland, Oregon which was perfect for us being able to fly out that night.

We hopped in the car and headed north to get our tattoos. As we walked into the tattoo shop which by the way is Lady Luck Tattoo we still have not decided a 100% on where we are going to get the tattoo placed but after showing Jason our design idea he quickly put together a drawing of what we wanted and we came up with a great placement location. So a few hours later we had our tattoos and it was time to grab a bite to eat and get on the plane back to Anchorage, Alaska.

I hope you enjoyed the little bit of insight to our last minuet get away and road trip through Washington and Oregon November 2015. Stay tuned for more of our adventures and experiences.

James and Kris