Subway And Taxi Rides In New York City

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Subway And Taxi Rides In New York City

Have you ever been to New York? Have you ever rode the Subway in New York? Well this is about my first time in the big city and my experience of riding the Subway and taking a taxi ride.

My First Subway Ride

Here I was standing in the big city of New York and I was always told four things I needed to do if I ever visited this big city. First I needed to try the hot dogs from the street vendors, then I must jump on the Subway to experience what it was like, visit Central Park, and last but not least take a taxi ride through the city.

Knowing that I have been told this for years and finding myself standing on the street corner I figured the first thing I needed to do was try one of those famous street vendor hot dogs. Boy-o-Boy that hot dog was indeed a good one.

So with my appetite fulfilled I thought I should visit Central Park and why not take the Subway to get there. I began my search to locate the entrance to the Subway and find what stop I needed to get off on for Central Park.

Subway Entrance

One of Many Subway Entrance

Once I purchased my pass and stood in a crown of people waiting to walk aboard. With everything so new to me I was looking around and checking things out all the while trying to listen to the overhead speaker for what stop was coming up next.

Some how I missed my stop, not sure if it was because I could not hear what the overhead intercom was saying or if it was just my  curiosity of what was going on in the train that pulled my attention away from when I need to depart.

After realizing I missed my stop I figured I should jump off at the next station. I departed the rail and entered the station. Trying to figure out where I was at and how to get back to Central Park I decided I must return to the ground surface. Now time to find someone to ask for directions ( Yes, yes, I know some of you maybe thinking a man asking for directions). Well I am one that does and is not afraid to do so. Not seeing anyone immediately I found a store to go inside and ask for directions.

Upon entering the store I felt like I had done something wrong for everyone stopped what they was doing and stared at me.  The clerk spoke up and said “boy, what are you doing here? Do you know where you’re at? Your kind should not be here.” I was in shock! It is 1998 and I never thought I would here that….

I told the clerk no, I have no idea where I was at and why should I not be here? The clerk replied and said your white and your asking to get mugged by walking these streets of Harlem. Still being in shock I heard him say let me grab you a taxi and get you on your way. As he placed his hand on my upper back and escorted me out of the store and to the curb he flagged a cab down for me.

The New York Taxi Ride

With the store clerk directing the Taxi driver to get me out of the area and take me to Central Park we where on our way. The first thing the driver said was you should not be in this region and then asked is why I was. I told him about the four things I was told I needed to do when I visited New York and what had happen on the Subway.

He said I was in luck and that I am riding with a famous Taxi Driver. I asked what he means. The driver then told me the story how he found a case in the back seat of his vehicle that contained a large amount of money in it and that he turned it in and was able to locate the owner. He showed me attached to his dash was the news paper article about it. Along with a story being written in the newspaper he appeared on several talk shows to talk about how he found it and why he did what he did with the money.

Several minuets went by as I listened to his story and before I knew it we had pulled into Central Park. As he dropped me off he told me to be careful on the locations I go in this city and to have a nice day and enjoy myself.

With now having walked through Central Park I have completed all four items that I was told that I had to experience during my visit. I have learned lots during this day in New York.

Central Park New York

Aerial View of Central Park

I hope you enjoyed my story about the Subway and Taxi Ride in New York City. Please follow along as I bring more of my travel experiences to you.


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February 5, 2016 at 12:36 pm

love this yes i have taken the subway in nyc..i miss nyc so much..its always an experience

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