Setting Up The House

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Setting Up The House

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Well you all know how daunting moving and setting up a “House” can be.  As we started moving our combined personal belongings in and setting them in place we found that we had many design ideas inline with each other.

With all the big items in place, it was now time to add the little items we had.  We had a blast putting this vase in one spot and then moving it to another until it was just perfect.   Or when Kris put together the kitchen the way she wanted it and looked at me and asked what I thought.  She hated it and I said it was great, but she saw the look in my eyes and knew even though I would be O.K. with it; it wasn’t what either of us would be truly happy with. We agreed it wasn’t what either one of us had in mind so she tore the whole thing apart and reorganized it.  She then busted out her “labels forward and can’s lined” technique and we were both finally satisfied.  Not bedroom satisfied but kitchen placement satisfied.  We really found out each others O.C.D traits in going through this process.

A View f Our Kitchen With Color In Our House

A View of Our Kitchen With Color

Looking Into the Kitchen With Color In Our House

Looking Into our Kitchen With Color

Now with everything we had set in their perspective places; we noticed that we still had several empty spots to fill along with replacing some of the old with new.

One of the bigger items that we still needed was a dinning room table to fill the empty space presenting itself to us (which neither one of  us used with our previous spouses).

The other day we had stopped at Costco and while shopping we saw a table that we both fell in love with and I decided it was time to go back and get it.  So, one afternoon after work; I went to Costco to pick up the table we both loved.   After arriving at the store; I headed to the location of the tables and found only two left with someone else already loading one up.  After requesting assistance from a store associate to help me load up the last table, another patron approached and asked to purchase the table that I had already spoken for.

Dinning Room Table In Our House

Dinning Room Table

Even as minute as this seems, it happens to be it is just another sign that shows how things work out for us.

Now it is the weekend and off to shopping we go to find the rest of the things for our new home.   One stop among many, was Target where we found these cute little chairs that matched our living room decor perfectly, and all new utensils that we needed for the kitchen .

The Living Room In Our House

The Living Room

With everything we had just bought in place; we found that the two chairs we had just purchased was missing the one piece to make the arrangement complete.  It was a mission to find the perfect table to be placed in between the chairs.  We set out to find that table and after stopping at several places we ended up at Ozarks in Anchorage. This is the place we found the perfect little table that matched the wall hangings and curtains perfectly.

Now that the setting up the house was complete it was time for us to finally relax and enjoy the master piece that we both created and wanted for years but couldn’t have.  We made it happen in this little cabin in the city that we were so bless to find.

All though this is just a short little blip into the decorating of our new home together, how things have worked out for us with our own personal styles and how our decorating aspects are so different but yet also the same and they blend together so well.

We hope that you will continue to follow our stories as we continue reveal more details as time goes on.


James & Kris



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