Mexico Weekend Get Away

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Mexico Weekend Get Away

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I wanted to take Kris some where for a long weekend get away like maybe Mexico and try to make it a surprise.  So as I thought about it first choice destination was Mexico, now time to make this happen.

Now that I had the destination picked out, it was time for me to find a way to make this a surprise for Kris.  First thing is first, before buying tickets I needed to make sure Kris could have the time off from work.  I contacted her boss to ensure that she could take a half day on Friday and all day on Monday and with this approval I bought tickets on Alaska Airlines.

After talking with my brother about my ideas to fly into to Phoenix, Arizona and head to Mexico for a long weekend he decided he wanted to go to.  We then made arrangements for us to meet up with him, his girlfriend and the rest of the family in AZ, then get up the next morning and drive to Rock Point, Mexico.  So with the plan set for our trip south it was now time to finish the surprise portion at home.  Kris’ boss and I have decided that I would just show up at work on that Friday with a bag already packed for us and take her to lunch.  Once we left her work for lunch we would drive to the airport and when she asked what we are doing I would tell her she is not going back to work and instead getting on a plane to a destination she will soon find out about.

This plan was all worked out until about a two weeks before our departure date.  We went out to my parents house in Palmer to visit one weekend and for some reason I got this feeling that Kris might know about the plans to visit Mexico.  Not saying anything and working on finishing our lodging choices by talking to my brother he had mention that several other people have been invited to go along on the trip.

With this new information of how many people would be joining this trip I felt the need to tell Kris out of respect of not putting her in that situation.  Much to not my surprise, she did in fact already know about the trip but didn’t say anything.  She happily agreed with all of the plots I had come up with and was ready to head south for weekend on the beach and in the sun.

On Our Way To Mexico

Now in Phoenix and ready to head to Mexico we start our next journey.  Kris was a little apprehensive about driving over the border since she had never done that before and she quickly found out it wasn’t that bad.  Her first comment in Mexico (since she had been there before) was that we couldn’t even be in Mexico for 5 minutes without the dogs laying in the road, begging to get ran over.

It was a beautiful drive and we soon found ourselves in Puerto Penasco and after following one of the other cars in our group trying to get us lost (noted as Hiccup number one) we finally arrived and was able eating the best chicken in the town at Lucas Pollo. We were finally ready to check into our condo.  Hiccup number two:  Even though you book for the same condo location on-line (and get it), make sure it’s with the same company that the other people in your party have booked with.  Makes life a WHOLE lot easier!  That being said we headed downtown to check-in and get OUR keys while James’ brother and entourage got to check-in on site.  Nice day for a fun detour!

Mexico Weekend Get Away

Our Condo In Mexico

We all got settled in and decided to go down to the Wrecked at the Reef to have a few drinks, play games and have some snacks.  Now with only a few snacks in our stomachs we decided to head back to our condo and clean up before grabbing a bite to eat. Now we can not remember the name of the place we had dinner at but our table side guest was this grey cat that roamed around the front part of the restaurant stopping to say hello to all the patrons.

Mexico Weekend Get Away

Wrecked At The Beach

Mexico Weekend Get Away

Our Restaurant Cat Guest

Now after relaxing back in our places for a bit it was time head down town for the evening. It was a fun evening and Kris and I had lots of entertainment watching the 18-year-old boys with us drink way too much and have way too much fun.  We decided to head back to the condo for a quite evening on the lanai and a glass of wine before heading to bed.

We got up the next morning and finally wandered down for breakfast with the family.  Needless to say the teenage boys didn’t make it for brunch…

We lounged around and walked the beach combing for seashells before heading into town to walk Malecon and venture through all the shops. Before we made it to Malecon we decided to stop in the older shopping district.

While browsing through the shops several kids decided they would wash our vehicles for us (of course this would not come free of charge). This is something they do so they can get money out of people. James’ brother gave the main kid some peso’s but that did not make them happy and they wanted more and got very angry so with that said it was time to leave before something happen to the vehicles that was not deserved.

After arriving down on Malecon we walked down one side and back up the other side before deciding it was time to find a place to eat. Locating a restaurant right on the street front was really easy as we had plenty to choose from. Our pick of restaurants was decided on the second story balcony overlooking the water. Boy was that food great!!

Mexico Weekend Get Away

Look Out Over The Water From Malecon

Now we were supposed to go back to Phoenix with the rest of the family so Kris could meet up with her dad, but he had called and said he wouldn’t be able to make it, so we decided to stay another night and enjoy ourselves. With the day coming to an end we decided to visit Wrecked At The Reef to watch the sunset, have some drinks, and dinner for our last night in this beautiful place.

Mexico Weekend Get Away

Sun Setting Out Over The Water

Mexico Weekend Get Away

Sun Set From Wrecked At The Reef

Monday, we headed back over the border to catch our flight back to Anchorage, out of Phoenix and neither of us wanted to return home to the cold, snow and darkness.  But who else could say (other than the extremely rich) that they went to Mexico for the weekend.  Us, that is who.  That is what we do, Amazing, Crazy and Insane.

Mexico Weekend Get Away

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February 23, 2016 at 4:17 am

Your pictures of the sunset are beautiful! Weekend trips are nice little getaways!


    February 23, 2016 at 5:32 am

    Thank you, yes I think weekend getaways are crucial in life!

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