Idaho Bound to Meet Her Dad

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Idaho Bound to Meet Her Dad

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With the house all setup and out of the way we started talking about the next thing we had on our mind.  What is this you might ask; well the next big task was to  meet her dad.  As we laid in bed one evening discussing this, it was decided we would head to Idaho.

Once the decision had been made it was time to figure out when to go.  So we hopped online and logged into our Alaska Airlines accounts to purchase tickets for the three of us.  We figured the first part of September over the holiday weekend would be a great time to go.  With the use of our airline miles we kept our costs down.

Over the next week we discussed our promise to each other and how we would take a walk down by Pack River once we got to Idaho and say our binding promise to one another.

As I (James) began to think about this I had typed up what I wanted to say and after reading what I had typed I realized that this needed to have a ring presented with it.  Now only two days before we were to depart on our trip I needed to go to the jewelry store and pick up the ring I had been looking at.  With this ring in hand and the words written down, I pulled Kris’ son aside and asked for his opinion and blessing.  With the blessing, ring, and words in hand it was just a matter of waiting the two days until I could let her know how I feel and provide the words I promise to her.

The day has finally arrived to board our plane for Idaho.  With both of our anticipation levels on the rise of how this trip will turn out, we boarded the plane and took our seats.  After four hours of flying time and a lay over in Seattle, Washington we finally arrived in Spokane, Washington.  It was time to pick up the rental car that we also found a great deal on which ended up being a Mustang convertible, and proceeded to drive North to Sandpoint, Idaho.

Upon arriving in Sandpoint and before going to Kris’ dad’s house we pulled over at Pack River and walked to the river bank.  With our hands locked together I pulled out my phone and proceeded to read the words that I had typed prior to our trip.

“Kris, I have always felt something was missing in my life, and on that day that our eyes gazed upon one another’s I realized that my past was all for a reason and I have finally found my soulmate and instantly felt complete.

With this ring represents the Past, Present, and Future I promise to share my life with you, be faithful to you, talk with you, dream with you, walk with you, lay with you and allow our wondering and searching past come to an end.  To live, communicate, and love each other together in the present and create the future together we both deserve.”

Upon completing these words I presented the ring to Kris for her to accept.  As she extended her hand towards me, I placed the ring on her finger and we held one another and told each other “I Love You” both with tears in our eyes.

We headed back to the car to make the final short drive to our destination to Kris’ dad’s house.  Upon our arrival no one was home but moments later her dad arrived and the introductions were completed.  Now, with this being said we both know her dad is very skeptical about us and how things had transpired so quickly with us and he showed an uncertainty in his body language that we both could read.

That was O.K. with both of us, because no one really can understand what it is that we have found with each other.  The bottom line is it does not matter what others think, we know what it is that we do for one another and how we feel about each other.

The weekend continued on and allowed everyone to get use to the fact we are now together. We visited several of each others family members most of which was first introductions for each of us.

During our visit we did accomplish moving some of Kris’ family antiques that were taking up room at her dad’s house to my grandmother’s home and placing them with other items that I  still had stored there.  We made a plan to return in the summer of 2016 to pick everything up and bring back to Alaska.

We also attempted to retrieve the  boat that use to be James’ grandfathers from up north in Moyie Springs but had found both tires on the trailer were flat and the trailer tongue was missing parts.  So we decided to complete getting the boat on the next trip down.

The weekend was coming to an end and it was nearly time to head back to Alaska and leave Idaho behind until our next trip down.  Not a single one of us three had actually been able to sleep well this weekend, for each place we stayed the beds or sleeping arrangements where not ideal.  I guess that is what you get when your so use to your environment and comfortable beds at home(even though it is so new), not even the hotel we decided to stay at one night helped for a great night sleep.

Looking forward to our beds we said our goodbyes, left Sandpoint, Idaho and headed to the airport.

Stay tuned for more to unfold about our next adventure and trip through life.

James and Kris



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