Homer Alaska Work Trip

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Homer Alaska Work Trip

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Back from Idaho about a month ago, it was time for Kris to head to Homer, Alaska for a work week.  Neither one of us wanting to be apart and knowing Kris needed to attend the convention in Homer I had to figure out my work schedule so I could join Kris on her trip.   I reviewed my work load and found what I needed to complete for the week was completely doable remotely.  So incorporating a site visit to a few of our sites in the area, the plan was easily constructed to allow me to join Kris on her work trip.

As we started to plan the trip we decided to head down early to Homer so that we could visit friends at there cabin overlooking the water.  When we woke up on Saturday to head out earlier we found that it had snowed overnight.  So on our way down we took our time partly due to the road conditions but ultimately to enjoy ourselves and have fun traveling.

About half way down to Homer we connected up with our friend at Fred Myers  and continued our travels together.  Stopping to let our friends dog’s go the bathroom we stopped at the beach along the way only to find the restrooms were closed.  What do you do in this situation but drop your pants and go the bathroom in the open.  Watching a near by RV approaching as we both are going the bathroom in the open we laughed and wondered if they would reach us in time to get a spectacular showing of human anatomy.

Pulling in to Homer and up to the cabin we started looking forward to a wonderful time of visiting and listening to the ocean crash against the shoreline.  The first evening was relaxing as we had a few drinks, visited, joked around and listen to music.

The next morning we got up and had a wonderful breakfast and lounged around until it was time for us to be able to check-in to our hotel for the week.

Upon checking into the hotel we found our way to the room and all we could say about the room was that we felt like the giants in jack and the bean stock.  Every thing from the room size to the bed was extremely small and cramped.  However we were bound and determined to make it work and enjoy ourselves with work and personal adventures throughout the week.

As we both attended to our work requirements during the day and evening events for Kris’ work.  We found time to walk on the beach, and a little road trip that proved to be very entertaining!

Mountain View From The Beach In Homer

Mountain View From The Beach

Walking On The Beach In Homer

Walking On The Beach

Who knew at the end of the East End Road in Homer, there is a “freeway”?  Not the freeway that you and I might be used to; because in Alaska we don’t have “Freeways”.  No, this is what one might call a “Low Tide Freeway”.  We know that we will get corrected; but this is our story…  On Saturday afternoon, in between meetings we decided to see just how far out the road would go…  Passed where Jewel grew up and her family’s reality show is recorded, out to where the Russian “villages/towns” lay.  We definately looked like we were outsiders, even though we had the 4×4 Dodge, they new it wasn’t local.  Just like Northern Idaho, gotta go to the end of the pavement and keep going!

To the end of the “road” we got.  A sign said to watch out for foot traffic and animals.  OK.  We headed down the little dirt road.  Over a thousand feet  of mud and switchbacks to the bottom.  Little did we know, this was the road home for a LOT of people.  Travel in and out of this “village” is down a 1,000 foot drop off road to the inlet. The only way to get home was on a mile long beach “road”.  We just thought it was a late lunch or something, but no, this is how the residents of the town get in and out of town during certain times of the day and year.

As far as both of our excursions over the years we have been in Alaska this one was worth the drive.  We lost cell connection, kind of unnerving in someone else’s back yard if you will; as no one knew we were going for a drive…

About half way down the dirt road to the beach we decide we should probably turn around as we both knew we did not have the right tires to be playing in the mud like that.  Headed back to town for the evenings events, Kris felt much more comfortable to be on the pavement and have cell service again.  What a “city girl”!

Half Way Down The End Of The Road Outside of Homer

Half Way Down The End Of The Road

Mud Flats When Tide Is Out Outside of Homer

Mud Flats When Tide Is Out

We get back to the hotel, have amazing sexual connections between the two of us, get cleaned up and join our friends for some more visiting.  All and all this week has been fun but we looked forward to the up and coming weekend for our adventures in the drive back to Anchorage.

Now the week has come to an end and it was time to start our journey back to home.  We set out on the road after stopping by the cabin to say goodbye to our friends.

Traveling down the road listening to music and turning each other on through conversations we had to partake in some vehicle fore play.  With our sexual desire for one another on the rise the only thing to do was to satisfy the need.  So pulling of to the side of the road we fulfilled those needs several times over the next two hours of driving.

With both of us having traveled to the Kenai Pennisula multiple times, neither one of us have ever stopped at the Three Guys No Wood shop. After pulling in to the parking lot both of us still had the need to be sexually satisfied so before stepping out of the truck we tended to each others needs.  Now walking into the store for the first time was amazing to see all the fine crafted wood work pieces.

After a few moments of looking through the shop we got asked if we wanted to take a tour of the production shop where all the items are made.  We gratefully excepted this invite and got to see an amazing setup to include some large size wood lathe systems. That were both mind boggling and amazing!

Now, back on the road it was time to make a beeline for home so that we could take our son and so called “non-daughter” who lives with us out to a wonderful dinner for her birthday at Suite 100.

We hope you have enjoyed this trip with us to Homer, Alaska.  Please stay tuned for our next exciting adventure and as always please leave a comment if you would like.  We would love to hear from our readers.

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January 15, 2016 at 2:52 pm

That trip sounded fantastic. Wish I could get to do those adventures journeys. I’ve been to Homer but only the shops and to the end of the road maybe we can do it another time together. Thanks for writing

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