Ending Up In Seward Alaska

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Ending Up In Seward Alaska

How we ended up in Seward Alaska, well it all started out on Friday night that was a company party for me.  James got antsy about half way through the evening and I could not for the life of me figure out why.  We finally leave giving our good byes and head back home for the night.  Or that is what I thought at least.  We pulled up in the driveway and he said to hold tight and he would be right back, he then ran inside only to reappear and surprise me with an overnight bag. By now, we are getting pretty quick with the packing and knowing exactly what to put in it to get us through another trip.

Backing out of the driveway he heads to midtown where yet again he has surprised me with a late evening of appetizers, drinks at Juno Restaurant and a beautiful hotel room for the night.

Now with our appetizers gone it was time to head back to the room for a wonderful session of passionate love-making. Laying back on the couch and both of us completely satisfied we decided to take a shower and get dressed to stop by the Great Alaskan Bush Company. The evening was a little brisk but we chose to take a walk instead of a cab to our destination. After spending a little time watching the entertainment of the dancers we decided it was time to venture back to our room. But this time we decided to grab a cab after we had a few more drinks during our visit. Upon arriving back at the hotel a good song was on the radio so we tipped the cab a few extra dollars to roll the windows down and turn the radio up so we could dance in the parking lot. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this evening so we made our way back to the room to get settled in for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Refreshed and ready to go Saturday morning, not wanting to go home just right then we decided to take a road trip to Hope, Alaska.  What else do you do in Alaska but take a road trip in November on some not so nice roads???  We kept the overnight bag in the car in case of emergency.  It does happen in Alaska, you just never know when a good safety “kit” (haha!!!) will come into place.

On our way towards Hope we stopped to take a look at a pull off that did nothing but surprise the hell out of us with its beauty, not only with the amazing views of the water, but with the rock formations that had been created by mother nature! defiantly another perfect camping spot!!!

Sprawling Tree Roots As We headed to Seward

Sprawling Tree Roots

Pull Out Rock Formations On Our Way To Hope and Seward

Pull Out Rock Formations

Now back on the road and what we thought would have  been our last stop before we arrive in the town of Hope we seen a road side pull out overlooking the inlet that we must take advantage of. As we pulled into the pull out with the rain slightly trickling down we enjoyed our bodies connecting with each other’s and fulfilled the sexual tensions that have been building up as we drove down the road.

We get to the little town of Hope and accidentally pass it.  We blinked actually and ended up at the end of the road which just happened to be a lovely USDA campground called Porcupine.  Two trips around the campground we finally picked our future camping spots, close to both running water and best views of the Inlet.

Slowing down this time as to not miss “downtown” Hope, we pull in to the most quaint and darling town.  The original log Social hall from 1902 still standing and being used as a community center and numerous “rustic” (early 1900’s) cabins still stood.  Some still in use for businesses, but on this day in November, the town had been shut down for the winter.

1900's Log Cabin On Our Way To Seward

Early 1900’s Log Cabin

So with the little day excursion out-of-the-way we decide we should probably head home before it gets dark.  Back again on the road we stop by the river to take in not only the water flowing by but the beauty of the mountains and the solitude of being the only people (for a couple of minutes) alongside what is normally a “freeway” during summer months.

We looked at each other, both knowing what the other was thinking. Neither one of us wanted this weekend to end and have to go home. We just so happened to be directly in the middle…  Anchorage and back to reality, or Seward and the keep the travels going.  And Seward it was.

Yet another amazing drive, and as we arrived in Seward with our bodies so tensed for each other’s touch and our deep conversation we were having neither one of us noticed the drop in the speed limit signs but the officer surely noted our speed and with that we were pulled over into the Carrs parking lot only to be given a ticket. Now with ticket in hand and phone service again, Kris calls to make sure not only that there is a hotel open – winter months in a small town, one could only hope something was open and/or not booked for a party or convention.

We successfully secured a room and soon pulled into the Harbor 360° Hotel, of course not without stopping for wine and munchies for the evening while we sat in the Carrs parking lot.  Our room overlooked the Seward Harbor and we gazed upon sea-life and glaciers.

We went out to dinner and split a bottle of wine, appetizers and a smoked bacon and cheese macaroni dish at Chinnoks.  Simply delicious!  Back in our room we enjoyed the evening air out on our balcony where we began a round of beautiful love-making and concluded our session back in the room as we settled in for the night. The next day we woke and not yet ready to go home, we asked for late check out and it was granted as it was not the busy season. Thus giving us more time to lay back naked, relax and of course make love before we jumped in the shower. Now showered up and standing on the balcony we relaxed and enjoyed the views that only Seward has to offer.

With James never being to the Sea life Center,  we decided to take a tour.  If you ever travel to Alaska, or live here and have never been, it is both very educational and fun!  The stellar sea lions, otters, different fish species, and everything else makes for a really fun trip. Oh, and don’t forget the bird exhibit.  You walk into the exhibit and you are inches away from puffins, seagulls and many other.

Star Fish In Seward Sea Life Center

Star Fish

Bird In Seward Sea Life Center

One Of Many Birds you Get Close Too

With another full and exciting weekend and realizing we won’t be home for hours we sadly decided to depart from Seward and go home and back to reality.  Temporarily!

Thank you for ready and as always, we hope you enjoyed another adventure of ours and please keep following us with our travels and life together.


Kris and James

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