Catch Up Part-1 February 2016 Through July 2016

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Catch Up Part-1 February 2016 Through July 2016

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Catch up! Are you ready to catch up on our adventures? Our last post was some time ago! WOW we have had a lot going on!! Where to start??  First of all we apologize for not updating this blog sooner. I know we said we would get you a quick streamline update of what was happening from February 2016 to June 2016, but now it will include February 2016 to June of 2017 in two parts. Are you ready to get started on the catch up?

February 2016

Well here goes: We bought a Class C motor home and started making plans. As we sold off most of our possessions we began to load the motor home. This was in preparation for our trip down the Alcan Hwy to the lower 48 states. We soon realized we still had to much stuff to fit in the motor home. This lead us to purchasing a Cargo trailer to haul the rest of our belongings South.

March – May 2016

With everything pretty much loaded and June fast approaching it was time to finalize everything. We both had given our notices to leave our executive jobs and head south. James has applied for several jobs all over the lower 48. The idea was to throw several locations in a hat and seeing what one we would pull out. With James having several interviews but nothing solid yet, and still not sure where we were headed or where we would end up, it was still time to hit the road.

June 2016

June 3rd we start our journey out of Alaska. James picked Kris up after work with the RV loaded and off we went.  Now still not really knowing where we were going we made our way to the Alaska/Canada boarder. Crazy as it may seem before we even made it to the boarder James received a second call from one of the names in the hat. After the call it was known that we needed to be in a cell phone reception location in a few days for a third phone interview. So we continued on our path entering into Canada.

Wanting to enjoy our trip, we took our time and stopped at Liard Hot Springs on our first night in Canada. We checked the springs out but decided not to soak.  The Springs was packed full of people. The relaxation factor was just not there at the time. The next day we took our time and continued traveling South and found another Hot Springs to visit. As for the relaxation factor in Takhini Hot Springs, we did get to soak, relax and enjoy the springs.  And boy was it nice!!!

Knowing we needed to be in cell range for the third interview we made quick time to get to mile zero of the Alaskan HWY. This is where we spent a day to complete the third interview and plan our next travel destination.

Catch Up Canada Glacier

Canada Glacier

The Interview and Decision

Well, with the interview being over and sounding like a solid opportunity, the only thing we were waiting on was the official offer.  We now know what direction we are headed. Strange enough this location was not expected, as it was our home town of Sandpoint, Idaho.

We continued our path to Sandpoint, where we knew we had our truck and trailer dropped off at.  As we approached our destination the official offer came in. We thought about it and decided to give it a chance. So Sandpoint, was to become our home once again; but before settling in and starting work in July we wanted to continue our journey south to catch some sun.

Before Starting Work

Knowing that our new home was to be Sandpoint, and leaving enough time for yet another road trip we decided we must catch some sun from the South and do some exploring. After spending less than 24 hours in Sandpoint, we hit the road to tour Montana.  Our first stop was Philipsburg, to do some Sapphire mining. Philipsburg, is a beautiful, quaint little town that we fell in love with!  Great BBQ, antiques, and an amazing old time candy shop!  We then were off to Kalispell, Missoulla and even went crystal mining.  After spending about a week, it was time to head back to our new/old home to pick up our son, his friend, and our friend from the airport in Spokane, Washington.

Now with kids and friends in tow, we spent some time in Sandpoint, doing all of the touristy things that we had not done in years, including great swimming in lake Pend Oreille.  We took our friend back to the airport to fly back to Alaska, load the boys into the RV and head south, yet again.

We took them sapphire and opal mining before hitting the Lagoon Amusement Park in Ogden, Utah.  In Ogden, we jokingly asked the boys if they wanted to go to Mexico for the weekend, and very surprisingly they said “yes”.  SO, we spent a little over a day there and continued onto Phoenix, Arizona to drop off the RV and pick up a truck.  We didn’t feel the need to take the RV for that trip.

The Mexico Adventure

We headed to Puerto Penasco, aka Rocky Point, Mexico.  If you can, you must go!  There is a great chicken restaurant as you pull into town, a must try for open, flamed grilled chicken with all of the fixings (cabbage, beans, rice, etc.), BUT may have to share some of your food with the local dogs and birds. After that we headed to our rented condo for a couple of days. We enjoyed ocean swimming, seashell gathering, ATV riding, thunder watching and walking around malecon, shopping and eating the great Mexican food.

Catch Up Mexico Condo View

Condo View In Rocky Point

The Return Trip

With work start date coming up fast it was time to make our way back to Sandpoint.  We got back to Phoenix to trade out the truck for the RV only to find our RV AC couldn’t keep up with the July heat.  Rookie mistake!  We found it to be about 120′ in the RV, and all of our food in the freezer and fridge was bad, our candles and gel vitamins melted.  Note to self, take precautions to ensure your RV is out of the heat, and if you can plug it in if you leave it unattended in AZ for too long.  LOL!

On the way back we went through Zion National Park and that is just an amazing site to see!  The last stop before going home was Lava Hot Springs in southern Idaho.  The town, about a mile in length and has quaint historic hotels with multiple hot spring locations throughout the town and a tubing river that runs right through!

Catch Up Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam

Catch Up?

We know your answer is “NO”. Now back in our new home/old home in July it is time to start back to work. Please stay tuned as we will continue to catch you up on the next 11 months in part 2.

James & Kris



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