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Catch Up Part-1 February 2016 Through July 2016

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Catch up! Are you ready to catch up on our adventures? Our last post was some time ago! WOW we have had a lot going on!! Where to start??  First of all we apologize for not updating this blog sooner. I know we said we would get you a quick streamline update of what was happening from February 2016 to June 2016, but now it will include February 2016 to June of 2017 in two parts. Are you ready to get started on the catch up?

February 2016

Well here goes: We bought a Class C motor home and started making plans. As we sold off most of our possessions we began to load the motor home. This was in preparation for our trip down the Alcan Hwy to the lower 48 states. We soon realized we still had to much stuff to fit in the motor home. This lead us to purchasing a Cargo trailer to haul the rest of our belongings South.

March – May 2016

With everything pretty much loaded and June fast approaching it was time to finalize everything. We both had given our notices to leave our executive jobs and head south. James has applied for several jobs all over the lower 48. The idea was to throw several locations in a hat and seeing what one we would pull out. With James having several interviews but nothing solid yet, and still not sure where we were headed or where we would end up, it was still time to hit the road.

June 2016

June 3rd we start our journey out of Alaska. James picked Kris up after work with the RV loaded and off we went.  Now still not really knowing where we were going we made our way to the Alaska/Canada boarder. Crazy as it may seem before we even made it to the boarder James received a second call from one of the names in the hat. After the call it was known that we needed to be in a cell phone reception location in a few days for a third phone interview. So we continued on our path entering into Canada.

Wanting to enjoy our trip, we took our time and stopped at Liard Hot Springs on our first night in Canada. We checked the springs out but decided not to soak.  The Springs was packed full of people. The relaxation factor was just not there at the time. The next day we took our time and continued traveling South and found another Hot Springs to visit. As for the relaxation factor in Takhini Hot Springs, we did get to soak, relax and enjoy the springs.  And boy was it nice!!!

Knowing we needed to be in cell range for the third interview we made quick time to get to mile zero of the Alaskan HWY. This is where we spent a day to complete the third interview and plan our next travel destination.

Catch Up Canada Glacier

Canada Glacier

The Interview and Decision

Well, with the interview being over and sounding like a solid opportunity, the only thing we were waiting on was the official offer.  We now know what direction we are headed. Strange enough this location was not expected, as it was our home town of Sandpoint, Idaho.

We continued our path to Sandpoint, where we knew we had our truck and trailer dropped off at.  As we approached our destination the official offer came in. We thought about it and decided to give it a chance. So Sandpoint, was to become our home once again; but before settling in and starting work in July we wanted to continue our journey south to catch some sun.

Before Starting Work

Knowing that our new home was to be Sandpoint, and leaving enough time for yet another road trip we decided we must catch some sun from the South and do some exploring. After spending less than 24 hours in Sandpoint, we hit the road to tour Montana.  Our first stop was Philipsburg, to do some Sapphire mining. Philipsburg, is a beautiful, quaint little town that we fell in love with!  Great BBQ, antiques, and an amazing old time candy shop!  We then were off to Kalispell, Missoulla and even went crystal mining.  After spending about a week, it was time to head back to our new/old home to pick up our son, his friend, and our friend from the airport in Spokane, Washington.

Now with kids and friends in tow, we spent some time in Sandpoint, doing all of the touristy things that we had not done in years, including great swimming in lake Pend Oreille.  We took our friend back to the airport to fly back to Alaska, load the boys into the RV and head south, yet again.

We took them sapphire and opal mining before hitting the Lagoon Amusement Park in Ogden, Utah.  In Ogden, we jokingly asked the boys if they wanted to go to Mexico for the weekend, and very surprisingly they said “yes”.  SO, we spent a little over a day there and continued onto Phoenix, Arizona to drop off the RV and pick up a truck.  We didn’t feel the need to take the RV for that trip.

The Mexico Adventure

We headed to Puerto Penasco, aka Rocky Point, Mexico.  If you can, you must go!  There is a great chicken restaurant as you pull into town, a must try for open, flamed grilled chicken with all of the fixings (cabbage, beans, rice, etc.), BUT may have to share some of your food with the local dogs and birds. After that we headed to our rented condo for a couple of days. We enjoyed ocean swimming, seashell gathering, ATV riding, thunder watching and walking around malecon, shopping and eating the great Mexican food.

Catch Up Mexico Condo View

Condo View In Rocky Point

The Return Trip

With work start date coming up fast it was time to make our way back to Sandpoint.  We got back to Phoenix to trade out the truck for the RV only to find our RV AC couldn’t keep up with the July heat.  Rookie mistake!  We found it to be about 120′ in the RV, and all of our food in the freezer and fridge was bad, our candles and gel vitamins melted.  Note to self, take precautions to ensure your RV is out of the heat, and if you can plug it in if you leave it unattended in AZ for too long.  LOL!

On the way back we went through Zion National Park and that is just an amazing site to see!  The last stop before going home was Lava Hot Springs in southern Idaho.  The town, about a mile in length and has quaint historic hotels with multiple hot spring locations throughout the town and a tubing river that runs right through!

Catch Up Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam

Catch Up?

We know your answer is “NO”. Now back in our new home/old home in July it is time to start back to work. Please stay tuned as we will continue to catch you up on the next 11 months in part 2.

James & Kris



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Do Not Worry, Our Update Is On It’s Way.

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Hello everyone!  It has been a while, but do not worry, we are still here.  Since our last post on referring to IDAK life and all of our events things have gotten extremely busy.  Please stay tuned as we will be giving you a rather quick stream lined update of what has happened and transpired between the middle of February 2016 and June 2016.

Just to give you an idea of how busy things have gotten we have started several other chapters in our life.  Including the big move from Alaska, don’t worry we will be giving you our stories soon as to include our great trip down the Alcan HWY.

So please be ready to read, enjoy and most of all leave comments on our post as we update you with the great journey we share with you as we would love to hear from you.


James & Kris

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Technology, What Do Use When You Travel

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Technology and its use is a constant question. Every time you get ready for a trip be it a road trip in a vehicle or a trip via plane it’s always a question what to bring with you for access to the World-Wide Web. Years ago we never had this option, now days it is the first thing most think about before departing on a trip or even before we leave the house.

All though I use several varieties of technology in my every day life I do enjoy days without any of it. Bringing life back to a simple way of living can be accomplished easily when we put down our electronic leashes.

What Technology Do You Choose When Travailing?

When getting ready for a trip or leave your house what is your technology choice to reach out to the world-wide web? As I depart my home on a daily basis I generally only grab my phone and laptop. Those items are usually all I need to get my day started, but when going on any type of trip the choices are much more difficult. The question is do I take the iPAD, tablet, smartphone, laptop, E-reader, or maybe a handheld gaming device with internet access.

Technology, What Do Use When You Travel

iPad For Use On World Travel

I generally end up on only picking two items. The items of my choice due to compact size and weight are the iPAD and smartphone. With those two items I can take care of most everything I need to do on any of my trips. With the use of the iPAD and its Bluetooth keyboard I can type word documents, create spreadsheets, check emails, and use several other programs via the downloadable apps. So what are you choices?

I use to take a camera with me but with the way the iPAD and smartphone cameras have advanced the need for a regular point and shoot camera is no longer needed. Unless I am shooting some detailed photography I am content with just using my mobile devices.

Technology, What Do Use When You Travel

Smartphones Another Great Device.

So please let us know what technology you use and why is it your choice. We would love to hear your thoughts.


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Traveling, What Sites Do You Use

Category : Travel Info

Traveling, what a wonderful thing to do in life. How often do you travel for either work or enjoyment? Travel has become a strong passion over the years. After finding the itch for travel at a young age I decided it was a must to choose a profession that would allow for me to travel and see the world. After traveling with my family and on my own until I was seventeen I then began my travels with work. I had made a goal for my self to reach all fifty states before I turned thirty.

Over the years using books and maps to start planning my side trips out while I was on the road working became easier and easier as technology grew. Now days we have the vase world-wide web at our finger tips to use, and let me tell you it makes life a lot easier when it comes to researching places to go and visit. Not only does it make it easier for researching places to go and visit it also comes in handy to find flights, lodging, places to eat, things to see, and locate transportation for ones travels.

Traveling, What Sites Do You Use

The Old Handy Map

One of the other things I like now for traveling due to the world-wide web is being able to read other people’s reviews on topics from places to stay, things to do, and any other services you might need. With so many sites to do your research from which ones do you use? Well these are the ones that I use but I am not limited to using just these ones listed.

Some of the traveling sites I use for my research:

Tripadvisor is one site I use often for many things from looking at flights, destinations to visit, places to stay, and places to eat. This site is a great resource to use and covers much more than that. Although I am not one for making my opinion on things or of people based on other people’s opinions it does come in handy to be able to read reviews on place you might visit. If you do use this site and visit place make sure you go back in and leave a review. This only helps others when it is their time to visit and also allows for the companies that are on these sites to see how they are doing.

Skyscanner is another site I use primarily for flights. I like this site because I can set my departure city and select anywhere united states and look at multiple place and be able to pick the cheapest flight just so I can get out and travel on the drop of a dime. This site is also useful for other things like hotels and car rentals but I have not utilized it for either one of those yet.

Alaska Airlines is the dominate airlines I use over the last five years because of my current location in Alaska. With Alaska air being my primary airlines for my travels over the last five years I had to make sure of utilizing the Club 49 program that they have. It helps with that pesky baggage charges that most other airlines get you with. Club 49 allows for me to check baggage for free and the cost of joining the program is free. Now this program is only offered to Alaskan Residents and you must have an Alaskan address on your account in order to utilize this program.

If you love to travel and have other sites that are your favorites please leave us a comment so that we can check them out. Please subscribe to our page to keep up with our travels and life as it unfolds. I mention one of my goals was to visit all fifty states before I turned thirty earlier and want to let every one know that I did accomplish that goal so you can look forward to other stories like my New York visit and Snoqualmie Pass trip in the future. Keep traveling, explore this wonderful world, have fun and be safe out there.





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Mexico Weekend Get Away

Category : IDAK Life Story

I wanted to take Kris some where for a long weekend get away like maybe Mexico and try to make it a surprise.  So as I thought about it first choice destination was Mexico, now time to make this happen.

Now that I had the destination picked out, it was time for me to find a way to make this a surprise for Kris.  First thing is first, before buying tickets I needed to make sure Kris could have the time off from work.  I contacted her boss to ensure that she could take a half day on Friday and all day on Monday and with this approval I bought tickets on Alaska Airlines.

After talking with my brother about my ideas to fly into to Phoenix, Arizona and head to Mexico for a long weekend he decided he wanted to go to.  We then made arrangements for us to meet up with him, his girlfriend and the rest of the family in AZ, then get up the next morning and drive to Rock Point, Mexico.  So with the plan set for our trip south it was now time to finish the surprise portion at home.  Kris’ boss and I have decided that I would just show up at work on that Friday with a bag already packed for us and take her to lunch.  Once we left her work for lunch we would drive to the airport and when she asked what we are doing I would tell her she is not going back to work and instead getting on a plane to a destination she will soon find out about.

This plan was all worked out until about a two weeks before our departure date.  We went out to my parents house in Palmer to visit one weekend and for some reason I got this feeling that Kris might know about the plans to visit Mexico.  Not saying anything and working on finishing our lodging choices by talking to my brother he had mention that several other people have been invited to go along on the trip.

With this new information of how many people would be joining this trip I felt the need to tell Kris out of respect of not putting her in that situation.  Much to not my surprise, she did in fact already know about the trip but didn’t say anything.  She happily agreed with all of the plots I had come up with and was ready to head south for weekend on the beach and in the sun.

On Our Way To Mexico

Now in Phoenix and ready to head to Mexico we start our next journey.  Kris was a little apprehensive about driving over the border since she had never done that before and she quickly found out it wasn’t that bad.  Her first comment in Mexico (since she had been there before) was that we couldn’t even be in Mexico for 5 minutes without the dogs laying in the road, begging to get ran over.

It was a beautiful drive and we soon found ourselves in Puerto Penasco and after following one of the other cars in our group trying to get us lost (noted as Hiccup number one) we finally arrived and was able eating the best chicken in the town at Lucas Pollo. We were finally ready to check into our condo.  Hiccup number two:  Even though you book for the same condo location on-line (and get it), make sure it’s with the same company that the other people in your party have booked with.  Makes life a WHOLE lot easier!  That being said we headed downtown to check-in and get OUR keys while James’ brother and entourage got to check-in on site.  Nice day for a fun detour!

Mexico Weekend Get Away

Our Condo In Mexico

We all got settled in and decided to go down to the Wrecked at the Reef to have a few drinks, play games and have some snacks.  Now with only a few snacks in our stomachs we decided to head back to our condo and clean up before grabbing a bite to eat. Now we can not remember the name of the place we had dinner at but our table side guest was this grey cat that roamed around the front part of the restaurant stopping to say hello to all the patrons.

Mexico Weekend Get Away

Wrecked At The Beach

Mexico Weekend Get Away

Our Restaurant Cat Guest

Now after relaxing back in our places for a bit it was time head down town for the evening. It was a fun evening and Kris and I had lots of entertainment watching the 18-year-old boys with us drink way too much and have way too much fun.  We decided to head back to the condo for a quite evening on the lanai and a glass of wine before heading to bed.

We got up the next morning and finally wandered down for breakfast with the family.  Needless to say the teenage boys didn’t make it for brunch…

We lounged around and walked the beach combing for seashells before heading into town to walk Malecon and venture through all the shops. Before we made it to Malecon we decided to stop in the older shopping district.

While browsing through the shops several kids decided they would wash our vehicles for us (of course this would not come free of charge). This is something they do so they can get money out of people. James’ brother gave the main kid some peso’s but that did not make them happy and they wanted more and got very angry so with that said it was time to leave before something happen to the vehicles that was not deserved.

After arriving down on Malecon we walked down one side and back up the other side before deciding it was time to find a place to eat. Locating a restaurant right on the street front was really easy as we had plenty to choose from. Our pick of restaurants was decided on the second story balcony overlooking the water. Boy was that food great!!

Mexico Weekend Get Away

Look Out Over The Water From Malecon

Now we were supposed to go back to Phoenix with the rest of the family so Kris could meet up with her dad, but he had called and said he wouldn’t be able to make it, so we decided to stay another night and enjoy ourselves. With the day coming to an end we decided to visit Wrecked At The Reef to watch the sunset, have some drinks, and dinner for our last night in this beautiful place.

Mexico Weekend Get Away

Sun Setting Out Over The Water

Mexico Weekend Get Away

Sun Set From Wrecked At The Reef

Monday, we headed back over the border to catch our flight back to Anchorage, out of Phoenix and neither of us wanted to return home to the cold, snow and darkness.  But who else could say (other than the extremely rich) that they went to Mexico for the weekend.  Us, that is who.  That is what we do, Amazing, Crazy and Insane.

Mexico Weekend Get Away

You Just Don’t Know

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Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

One afternoon sitting at work I decided to jump online and see what I can come up with for a quick weekend getaway / road trip for the two of us. I found some decent one way priced tickets from Anchorage, Alaska to Seattle, Washington on Alaska air. Then came the question what to do from there….

After looking at multiple ideas a road trip from Seattle down to Portland and then a drive out to the coast was in order. To allow for the best use of the weekend time it was decided that flying back out of Portland would be best suited, but a car was now needed. I found a great deal on a convertible through Enterprise Rental Car. So as 3:30 PM Friday afternoon rolled around the one way tickets to Seattle was purchased along with the return tickets from Portland, Oregon.

Our Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

Our Road Trip Rental Car

Making The Surprise Call to Kris For Our Road Trip And getting on the Plane.

Now the thrill of being able to surprise her with the phone call. I called Kris at work and told her we have 2 hours before our flight leaves so we need to leave work and throw a bag together and get to the airport. I picked her up from work and hurried home. We tossed our bags together inside of ten minutes and we rushed out the door to the airport hopping the security lines would not be long. Once at the airport we cruised through security like a breeze and arrived at our departing gate 15 minutes prior to boarding.

We finally arrived in Seattle around 11 PM and ready for our road trip to begin. After picking up our car we hit the road not knowing how far we will get or where we will end up at for the night. As we drove into the early morning hours we found a place to stay in southern Washington close to the Oregon border.

After a short night sleep and waking up the next morning excited to see where the day was going to take us we hit the road. We stopped in Vancouver, Washington for an hour to say hello to friend and have a cup of coffee before we adventured towards the coast.

Working Our Way To The Coast

The Day was overcast and misting rain with occasional down pours which prevent the top of the car from being lowered but the views of the steam rising from the road as we made our way down HWY 30 was breathe taking at times. We arrived in Astoria and had to visit the Goonies house film location which had been closed to all visitors by the new owner as well as travel the bridge to the Washington side and back again just for the heck of it so that we could add this segment to our road trip just before we made our way down the coast line.

Our Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

Goonies House Driveway Area

We began our decent down the Oregon coast with no particular place to stop enjoying the ocean views as we cruised down the HWY. We stopped at a couple look outs to watch the waves crashing onto the shore and feel the light rain drops fall down on us.

Our Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

Waves On The Beach

Our Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

Looking Down The Beach

Our Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

Listening To The Waves

With the daylight slowly slipping away and realizing we will not be able to enjoy the scenery we found ourselves pulling into Tillamook, Oregon so we stopped at the Tillamook cheese factory and picked ourselves up some cheese, But wait what is cheese without a little bit of wine we said… So off we went too fine some local wines to go with our cheese before we find a settling place for the night.

Our Road Trip Through Washington And Oregon.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

As we drove through town we saw a sign for Blue Heron French Cheese Company and Oregon Wine so we stopped and purchased some great wines and some salami. Now by this time it was dark out and starting to rain even more making it harder to see any distance at all in front of us. We looked around and decided to back track a little bit and drive back to a small town called Garibaldi, Oregon where we decided to try out this hotel called Garibaldi House Inn & Suites.

This place was absolutely wonderful, the service I felt was amazing. As we checked into the Hotel we were presented with evening Hors d’oeuvres of pulled pork sliders, apple slices, cheese and crackers. We went to the room to set our stuff down and quickly decided to go sit in the lobby and have some Hors d’oeuvres and wine because of its warm inviting feeling as we entered the Inn.

As we approached a high top glass table in the lobby the owner quickly wiped down the glass and put on some wonderful music so that we could enjoy our evening. For the rest of the evening we sat and watched the fire and enjoyed our Hors d’oeuvres and cheese that we purchased accented with some local vino.

The next morning waking up and getting ready to check out and start our adventures for the day we headed down stairs to what we thought might be just a simple continental breakfast. Wrong; the owner definitively steps up this breakfast options. That morning we had Frittata, breakfast burrito makings, Scrambled eggs with sausage, potatoes, and the options your traditional sauces and salsas plus some Garibaldi house sauce and fresh avocado Salsa. If you don’t like any of these options of course you could have cereal, waffles, yogurt, toast, hard boiled eggs, and fruit. I would highly recommend giving this place a try on your next drive down the Oregon coast line.

Heading To The Hot Springs

Now with our stomach full with fabulous food it was time to see where the road was going to take us. We headed out south with the thought in mind to check out one of my favorite hot springs. We found ourselves working our way over towards Salem and Eugene via HWY 22 along the river. This eventually dropped us out in the Willamette Wine Valley. As we drove through the country side we stopped at the Stangeland vineyard to try out some of the wines made right here in this beautiful valley. After spending a bit of time tasting some wines we settled on a couple of bottles to take with us to enjoy later that evening.

The rest of the day included taking a drive along the McKenzie river and soaking Cougar hot springs for half hour or so and then found our way back into Springfield, Oregon where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a good night’s sleep.

Our Matching Tattoos

Waking up the next morning wondering what to do with our last day of roaming on this adventure we came up with the idea to complete it off by getting tattoos that we have been talking about. Now where to find a good shop….. So with our extensive knowledge of internet researching the both of us have we begun the hunt. The outcome was as shop in Portland, Oregon which was perfect for us being able to fly out that night.

We hopped in the car and headed north to get our tattoos. As we walked into the tattoo shop which by the way is Lady Luck Tattoo we still have not decided a 100% on where we are going to get the tattoo placed but after showing Jason our design idea he quickly put together a drawing of what we wanted and we came up with a great placement location. So a few hours later we had our tattoos and it was time to grab a bite to eat and get on the plane back to Anchorage, Alaska.

I hope you enjoyed the little bit of insight to our last minuet get away and road trip through Washington and Oregon November 2015. Stay tuned for more of our adventures and experiences.

James and Kris


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Snoqualmie Pass & My Experince of Traveling It One Winter

Have you ever traveled Snoqualmie Pass in Washington in the winter? Well here is my story of one of my trips over the pass.

I was working in Seattle for a communications company  during the winter of 1999 – 2000 time frame and being from Northern Idaho I tried to go home and visit my family often on the weekends.

One Friday after work I decided it was time to jump in the truck and head over to see my parents. As I left work early that day so as to be able to get in early that night I began my trip over the pass. The drive over to Northern Idaho was a breeze as the roads had been bare and dry.

After spending a great weekend with my parents at their house and sitting out in the drive way and enjoying the aurora borealis that visited the region that weekend it was time to head back to Seattle for yet another long work week.

Snoqualmie Pass & My Experince of Traveling It One Winter

Aurora Borealis

Snoqualmie Pass & The Trip Back Over

I stayed as long as I could on Sunday and obviously a little to long with what was I ended up being faced with later on my trip back over the pass.

As I traveled I-90 the roads had been fairly dry until I reached Ellensburg, Washington. With the temperatures dropping and knowing that I do not like to stop on top of the Snoqualmie Pass for fuel I decided to stop in the small town of Cle elum, Washington to top off the tank.

Snoqualmie Pass & My Experince of Traveling It One Winter

Winter Driving Conditions

Upon leaving the gas station and getting on the ramp to enter I-90 my began to roll up my driver’s side window. My truck had those crank up style windows not those power push button kind and lo and behold the darn thing came off the track and fell down into the door.

So what was I going to do? I had to pull over and try to get the window back on its track so that I could roll it up. As I attempted to put the window back on its track in extremely cold temperature the window shattered in my hands. Great now what!! With it being 12:30 in the morning and having to be at work at 08:00 and knowing I  only hand an hour and a half to go to Seattle I guess I will through on my heavy jacket, stocking cap and insulated gloves and get over the pass as quickly as I can. Thank goodness over the years I have learned to always keep emergency gear and clothes in my vehicle especially during the winter months on long drives.

With my warm clothing on it was now time to make sure my dog was going to be comfortable for the next hour and a half drive. Even thou my dog was a Siberian Husky and he most likely would be OK I still wanted to give him the best comfort I could at the time. I got into the rest of my emergency gear and pulled out two heavy blankets and created a warm bed for him in the back seat. With my dog taken care of now it was time to get back onto the I-90 and head for the top of Snoqualmie Pass.

After about 30 miles traffic began to get unusually heavier for this time of morning. I had to start slowing down and soon was forced to come to a complete stop. After sitting in the middle of the HWY for 30 min and not knowing what was going on I finally found out that they were doing avalanche control and had blown snow over the road way.

After an hour of sitting there I heard over the radio that it could be up to three hours before the road was open back up. With my heater on high and bundled up I was still getting rather cold. Do I try to turn around to Cle elum and find a hotel or not was the next question. But how was I going to get turned around I was stuck between two exits and the snow was piled deep between the east and west bound lanes. Well before I figure out how to turn around I should see if I can even find a hotel room that was available.

Go figure no hotel rooms even available for the next 100 miles back behind me. Well no reason to try to figure out how to turn around now,  I guess I am in for a long cold night until they open the roads back up.

It sure is a good thing I topped off the fuel tank before attempting to go over the pass. Now not wanting to hold up traffic if it starts moving I knew I could not doze off and catch some z’s. Heck even if I wanted to it was way to cold out to be even able to get to sleep.

Several hours later now being 07:30 the traffic finally started to move. Cold and tired I traveled as quickly as I could to get off of Snoqualmie Pass.

Now late for work; I had no time to go home first. I pulled into work around 09:00 and reported to my boss. I told him what had happened and confirmed that I was clear to take the day off so that I could tend to my dog and get some sleep.

Wow what a drive…. Just so you know always keep plenty of emergency gear in your vehicles, especially during the winter months. You never know when you might need them. Specially if you ever drive over mountain passes like Snoqualmie Pass.

If you have enjoyed this story please continue to follow our post please leave us a comment and sign up to our email subscription.


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Subway And Taxi Rides In New York City

Have you ever been to New York? Have you ever rode the Subway in New York? Well this is about my first time in the big city and my experience of riding the Subway and taking a taxi ride.

My First Subway Ride

Here I was standing in the big city of New York and I was always told four things I needed to do if I ever visited this big city. First I needed to try the hot dogs from the street vendors, then I must jump on the Subway to experience what it was like, visit Central Park, and last but not least take a taxi ride through the city.

Knowing that I have been told this for years and finding myself standing on the street corner I figured the first thing I needed to do was try one of those famous street vendor hot dogs. Boy-o-Boy that hot dog was indeed a good one.

So with my appetite fulfilled I thought I should visit Central Park and why not take the Subway to get there. I began my search to locate the entrance to the Subway and find what stop I needed to get off on for Central Park.

Subway Entrance

One of Many Subway Entrance

Once I purchased my pass and stood in a crown of people waiting to walk aboard. With everything so new to me I was looking around and checking things out all the while trying to listen to the overhead speaker for what stop was coming up next.

Some how I missed my stop, not sure if it was because I could not hear what the overhead intercom was saying or if it was just my  curiosity of what was going on in the train that pulled my attention away from when I need to depart.

After realizing I missed my stop I figured I should jump off at the next station. I departed the rail and entered the station. Trying to figure out where I was at and how to get back to Central Park I decided I must return to the ground surface. Now time to find someone to ask for directions ( Yes, yes, I know some of you maybe thinking a man asking for directions). Well I am one that does and is not afraid to do so. Not seeing anyone immediately I found a store to go inside and ask for directions.

Upon entering the store I felt like I had done something wrong for everyone stopped what they was doing and stared at me.  The clerk spoke up and said “boy, what are you doing here? Do you know where you’re at? Your kind should not be here.” I was in shock! It is 1998 and I never thought I would here that….

I told the clerk no, I have no idea where I was at and why should I not be here? The clerk replied and said your white and your asking to get mugged by walking these streets of Harlem. Still being in shock I heard him say let me grab you a taxi and get you on your way. As he placed his hand on my upper back and escorted me out of the store and to the curb he flagged a cab down for me.

The New York Taxi Ride

With the store clerk directing the Taxi driver to get me out of the area and take me to Central Park we where on our way. The first thing the driver said was you should not be in this region and then asked is why I was. I told him about the four things I was told I needed to do when I visited New York and what had happen on the Subway.

He said I was in luck and that I am riding with a famous Taxi Driver. I asked what he means. The driver then told me the story how he found a case in the back seat of his vehicle that contained a large amount of money in it and that he turned it in and was able to locate the owner. He showed me attached to his dash was the news paper article about it. Along with a story being written in the newspaper he appeared on several talk shows to talk about how he found it and why he did what he did with the money.

Several minuets went by as I listened to his story and before I knew it we had pulled into Central Park. As he dropped me off he told me to be careful on the locations I go in this city and to have a nice day and enjoy myself.

With now having walked through Central Park I have completed all four items that I was told that I had to experience during my visit. I have learned lots during this day in New York.

Central Park New York

Aerial View of Central Park

I hope you enjoyed my story about the Subway and Taxi Ride in New York City. Please follow along as I bring more of my travel experiences to you.


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What to Expect From Our Page

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Hello everyone, update on what to expect from our site. We thought we should update all of our followers and everyone that reads our post on what to expect and what we are going to be doing as we move forward with our site.

Things to expect from our site.

Up until now we have been writing post together. We still plan on writing our life story together but also want to bring you post from each of us on other topics that we both find appealing to us or want to elaborate on.

We hope that you will find not only our previous post entertaining and informative but our future post to be just as much fun to read and follow along with.

Each one of us will be branching out and creating categorize that we want to write about as we think about them. You may find some topics about woodworking, plants, house decor, or clothing. What ever it is we hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing and sharing it.

Today marks a day in both of our lives that you all will soon understand though our life story postings. You will find out more about if you follow our story.

With this being said and the direction we are heading  you can expect to see many more post from us as this will allow for each of us to post more topics individually along with posting our life story for you to follow along with.



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Ending Up In Seward Alaska

How we ended up in Seward Alaska, well it all started out on Friday night that was a company party for me.  James got antsy about half way through the evening and I could not for the life of me figure out why.  We finally leave giving our good byes and head back home for the night.  Or that is what I thought at least.  We pulled up in the driveway and he said to hold tight and he would be right back, he then ran inside only to reappear and surprise me with an overnight bag. By now, we are getting pretty quick with the packing and knowing exactly what to put in it to get us through another trip.

Backing out of the driveway he heads to midtown where yet again he has surprised me with a late evening of appetizers, drinks at Juno Restaurant and a beautiful hotel room for the night.

Now with our appetizers gone it was time to head back to the room for a wonderful session of passionate love-making. Laying back on the couch and both of us completely satisfied we decided to take a shower and get dressed to stop by the Great Alaskan Bush Company. The evening was a little brisk but we chose to take a walk instead of a cab to our destination. After spending a little time watching the entertainment of the dancers we decided it was time to venture back to our room. But this time we decided to grab a cab after we had a few more drinks during our visit. Upon arriving back at the hotel a good song was on the radio so we tipped the cab a few extra dollars to roll the windows down and turn the radio up so we could dance in the parking lot. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this evening so we made our way back to the room to get settled in for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Refreshed and ready to go Saturday morning, not wanting to go home just right then we decided to take a road trip to Hope, Alaska.  What else do you do in Alaska but take a road trip in November on some not so nice roads???  We kept the overnight bag in the car in case of emergency.  It does happen in Alaska, you just never know when a good safety “kit” (haha!!!) will come into place.

On our way towards Hope we stopped to take a look at a pull off that did nothing but surprise the hell out of us with its beauty, not only with the amazing views of the water, but with the rock formations that had been created by mother nature! defiantly another perfect camping spot!!!

Sprawling Tree Roots As We headed to Seward

Sprawling Tree Roots

Pull Out Rock Formations On Our Way To Hope and Seward

Pull Out Rock Formations

Now back on the road and what we thought would have  been our last stop before we arrive in the town of Hope we seen a road side pull out overlooking the inlet that we must take advantage of. As we pulled into the pull out with the rain slightly trickling down we enjoyed our bodies connecting with each other’s and fulfilled the sexual tensions that have been building up as we drove down the road.

We get to the little town of Hope and accidentally pass it.  We blinked actually and ended up at the end of the road which just happened to be a lovely USDA campground called Porcupine.  Two trips around the campground we finally picked our future camping spots, close to both running water and best views of the Inlet.

Slowing down this time as to not miss “downtown” Hope, we pull in to the most quaint and darling town.  The original log Social hall from 1902 still standing and being used as a community center and numerous “rustic” (early 1900’s) cabins still stood.  Some still in use for businesses, but on this day in November, the town had been shut down for the winter.

1900's Log Cabin On Our Way To Seward

Early 1900’s Log Cabin

So with the little day excursion out-of-the-way we decide we should probably head home before it gets dark.  Back again on the road we stop by the river to take in not only the water flowing by but the beauty of the mountains and the solitude of being the only people (for a couple of minutes) alongside what is normally a “freeway” during summer months.

We looked at each other, both knowing what the other was thinking. Neither one of us wanted this weekend to end and have to go home. We just so happened to be directly in the middle…  Anchorage and back to reality, or Seward and the keep the travels going.  And Seward it was.

Yet another amazing drive, and as we arrived in Seward with our bodies so tensed for each other’s touch and our deep conversation we were having neither one of us noticed the drop in the speed limit signs but the officer surely noted our speed and with that we were pulled over into the Carrs parking lot only to be given a ticket. Now with ticket in hand and phone service again, Kris calls to make sure not only that there is a hotel open – winter months in a small town, one could only hope something was open and/or not booked for a party or convention.

We successfully secured a room and soon pulled into the Harbor 360° Hotel, of course not without stopping for wine and munchies for the evening while we sat in the Carrs parking lot.  Our room overlooked the Seward Harbor and we gazed upon sea-life and glaciers.

We went out to dinner and split a bottle of wine, appetizers and a smoked bacon and cheese macaroni dish at Chinnoks.  Simply delicious!  Back in our room we enjoyed the evening air out on our balcony where we began a round of beautiful love-making and concluded our session back in the room as we settled in for the night. The next day we woke and not yet ready to go home, we asked for late check out and it was granted as it was not the busy season. Thus giving us more time to lay back naked, relax and of course make love before we jumped in the shower. Now showered up and standing on the balcony we relaxed and enjoyed the views that only Seward has to offer.

With James never being to the Sea life Center,  we decided to take a tour.  If you ever travel to Alaska, or live here and have never been, it is both very educational and fun!  The stellar sea lions, otters, different fish species, and everything else makes for a really fun trip. Oh, and don’t forget the bird exhibit.  You walk into the exhibit and you are inches away from puffins, seagulls and many other.

Star Fish In Seward Sea Life Center

Star Fish

Bird In Seward Sea Life Center

One Of Many Birds you Get Close Too

With another full and exciting weekend and realizing we won’t be home for hours we sadly decided to depart from Seward and go home and back to reality.  Temporarily!

Thank you for ready and as always, we hope you enjoyed another adventure of ours and please keep following us with our travels and life together.


Kris and James